Disability and Society, July 2020

Another recently published article from a previous Australian Research Council project I was involved in now forms the basis of my work in therapeutic horticulture.

The project from which the article is written looks at the relationship between young people with cognitive disability and their paid support workers.

Article highlights: Young people with disability felt valued when the worker noticed what they dud and found ways to help them achieve what they wanted to do. They felt respected when they could make decisions about choices and control over their lives. they felt cared about when they felt personal warmth, they were listened to, they felt their views mattered and they trusted each other.

Here’s the link for the FREE open access article.

*In loving memory of JAIMSIE SPEEDING – co researcher with disability – who taught me so much about the lived experiences of people with disability and shaped my work in so many ways. I miss you as a friend and colleague every single day. You have shaped my work and it’s underlying ethos in so many ways and I’ll never be able to thank you enough for that.