We take the tenets of therapeutic horticulture and our principles for projects and tailor solutions for your organisation


Facilitating community co-design and consultation including vulnerable or priority populations

We are able to assist in consultation and co-design processes that are rights-based, person-focused and trauma-informed – ensuring everyone has the ability to have a meaningful say in matters that concern them in a culturally safe and respectful manner.

Program design, development and implementation

We specialise in programming for a wide range of contexts. Whether you want to build a new gardening program, formalise your existing therapeutic activities into a written program or simply have it evaluated, we’re happy to lend our expertise. If you work with people you think would benefit from therapeutic horticulture, we can design and develop a program for you.

Professional development and workshops

Can be tailored to suit participant needs, existing skills, knowledge and interests. We are also able to custom design a half or full day workshop or professional development course specifically for you, your staff or your event.

Professional supervision

Offering expert advice and second opinions if your role requires you to undertake or oversee therapeutic horticulture programs to ensure best-practice and evidence-based decisions are guiding your work for the safety and dignity of your clients and staff.

Informing therapeutic garden design

We can work alongside urban planners, developers, designers, landscape architects, facility managers and people with lived experience  to ensure new or retrofitted greenspaces embody the principles of universal therapeutic design.

Research and evaluation

We believe in participatory and collaborative research done alongside research participants in a way that privilege the voices of program participants through ethical and person-centred appropriate data collection and analysis methods.

Speaking engagements

Experienced, engaging and knowledgeable, we turn presentations into dynamic conversations with the audience.

Project consultation

We can consult on grant applications; tendering processes; garden design; evidence-based best practice; stakeholder engagement; staff training; program structure; activities; project piloting; appropriate validated scales and reporting processes throughout the life of your project.

Strategy and policy advice

Offering best-practice and evidence-based expert advice to guide your organisational policies and processes in relation to the use of nature-based therapies, employment of appropriately skilled therapeutic horticultural staff and greenspace design.


Urban planning

Greenspace design


Queer spaces

Culturally safe spaces


(Allied) + Health

Social work

Early Years Learning

Occupational Therapy

New migrant settlement

Mental Health



Domestic violence