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From collaborative research from young people to gardening therapy. Dr Kate NEale is breaking ground both metaphorically and physically.
'Be back by dark’ tends not to be a phrase we associate with childhood these days, but given the chance, children still relish an opportunity to play outside.
Kate joins a panel of experts to discuss how plants enrich our lives. Kate presents the many ways gardening and time spent in greenspaces has a positive impact on our wellbeing and sense of connection and belonging.
Never has access to greenspace been more valued and heralded as in the COVID-19 climate. Concerns for the impact of lockdowns on mental wellbeing have shifted the way we see time spent in greenspaces during the crisis from recreational to medicinal in nature.
We are living through a momentous time in human existence. For many people, we’ve never felt restrictions on our lives in quite this way.
On principals vision to enhance his students learning environment through gardening has everyone at the school seeing green, write Dr. Kate Neale.
Kate discusses the therapeutic benefits of school gardens for children’s wellbeing and the important shift in policy to student voice and participation.
Gardens at Singapore’s first-ever Horticulture Show left no built surface unhardened - even the celing! By Dr. Kate Neal & Michael Casey
The helping hands of horticulture.
Biophilic "City in a Garden" raises the bar in Horticulture design.
Ever since it occurred to me how much being in my garden brought me joy, I’ve been slightly obsessed with pursuing research on the links between gardening and wellbeing. As I was finishing my Ph.D., days on the computer were long.